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Quay County Cooperative Extension Service

Health and Family Well-Being programs at Quay county Farm, Ranch & Gardening programs at Quay county 4-H programs at Quay county

Cooperative Extension Service provides the people of New Mexico with practical, research-based knowledge and programs to improve their quality of life.

Featured programs at Quay county

Quay County 4-H fundraiser! Women On Target Program Set for April 18th

Visit Women On Target

Xeriscaping Workshop

Ride for the 4-H Clover

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Quay County Extension Services
216 E Center - The Terry Turner Building
PO Drawer B
Tucumcari, NM 88401
Phone: 575-461-0562
Fax: 575-461-2899
Email: quay@nmsu.edu

Troublesome Weeds

Desert Blooms

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