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Quay County Extension Services
216 E Center - The Terry Turner Building
PO Drawer B
Tucumcari, NM 88401
Phone: 575-461-0562
Fax: 575-461-2899

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2022 State 4-H Conference Winners
2022 State 4-H Conference Winners
Quay County 4-H placed First in Range and Agronomy

The Many Faces of 4-H | Podcast

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Thank you for participating in the QCES Facebook 4-H Food Challenge! You need to use the ingredients listed on the post to "make a dish." If you have the ingredients and your parents let you, prepare your recipe and post it on Facebook. If you are not able to physically prepare a dish, you can still participate by creating a recipe to use the ingredients. Everyone needs to include the following information on your post:

  • Nutritional Value of Secret Ingredients
  • How Your Body Uses the Ingredients
  • Your Recipe
  • Food Safety Standards Used in Preparation

Again, you do not have to make a dish to participate. You do need to include the information requested. You have until Wednesday at 2:00 pm to share your creations on Facebook.