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Quay County AI School
Quay County AI School
4-H Open Enrollment through January 31, 2019
4-H Open Enrollment in Quay County through January 31, 2019. Get more information to enroll by calling the Quay County Extension Office at 575-461-0562.
4-H Enrollment

It is not too late to join all the fun and adventure of learning in the Quay County 4-H Program. Open enrollment only happens once a year and will close on January 31, 2019. Call the Quay County Extension Office at 575-461-0562 to find out more information about clubs in the county and to get started! There is a special workshop only for new members on February 2, 2019. Don't miss out on all the excitement!

Southwest Beef Symposium
Southwest Beef Symposium
Southwest Beef Symposium

Southwest Beef Symposium will be in Tucumcari NM this year at the convention center. January 16 & 17, 2019. This program is a partnership between New Mexico and Texas Extension and covers a range of Beef related topics and is always a great program. Register at

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